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Jenny grew up in Columbia, MO. She moved to the St. Louis area to attend college at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, majoring in graphic design. She graduated in May 2005, and has been working at infūz, an interactive ad agency as a web designer since August 2005. Jenny's hobbies include playing with her pet chinchillas, playing gamecube games and thinking up new ways to decorate the house.

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Tom grew up in Florissant, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). He also attended the University of Missouri-St. louis, majoring in management information systems. He currently works at Washington University in St. Louis in the Department of Psychiatry. Tom's hobbies include working on cars, falling asleep watching the History Channel and giving the chinchillas lots of attention.

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We met at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in November 2001. I was a student worker in the web office and Tom worked one building over in networking. He was good friends with my boss, and came to the office to visit him regularly.

We got engaged on May 27, 2005. We took a vacation together from St. Louis to San Diego (driving). On our third day in San Diego we went to La Jolla Cove where we were walking along the ocean and I told Tom that I was cold. We sat down on a cliff overlooking the ocean and Tom pulled out the ring box and he said "maybe this will make you warmer!"

Then he says, "will you marry me?" and of course I said yes. We sat there for a few minutes just watching the ocean together, then I said I wanted a picture of us in the spot where we got engaged (since it's not a place in town) and so we stood up to find someone to take our picture.

We asked a woman walking her dog to take our picture, and after much complaining and excuses ("I don't have my glasses" and "you got engaged? Just now?") she finally took a couple pictures of us. When she handed the camera back she said "well, have a nice life together," and walked off.